The World is Calling

“We travel, in essence, to become young fools again …to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more” -Pico Iyer

We’re born adventures, full of curiosity, and fueled by wanderlust. We’ve spent our lives exploring the world around us. We are anthropologists and archaeologists, we study the past and the present and we want to share our discoveries with you.

We offer the opportunity for you to explore little known areas rich in culture, history and beauty, to immerse yourself in culture, gastronomy, or to experience something new and extraordinary. Our goal is not to take tourists on a trip; we want to invite you to experience a new place from a local perspective. We limit the size of our trips so that we are able to devote time to individuals, create unique experiences and enjoy advantages not available to large groups. Join us on one of our seasonal trips and discover what you’ve been missing!

The Explorers

We are a team of travelers who are dedicated to offering up cultural tidbits, history, sights unseen and other curiosities. We meet as strangers, but we will part as friends.

Owner, Cultural Geographer, Brewer

A born traveler and lover of adventure, Jes is a North Carolina native who moved from the unique mountain city of Asheville, NC to Mérida, Spain and fell in love with life all over again. An anthropologist turned cultural geographer who delights in sharing a unique perspective to help others see the world through new eyes.

Guide, Archaeologist, Brewer

Specializing in pre-historic and Roman archaeology Ainara contributes a unique perspective and priceless insight to our tours of Spain.  She has worked in Archaeology for 15 years cataloging pre-historic rock art, excavating roman and arab sites, as well as uncovering the hidden history of recent centuries.


Why Travel with Us?

Small Groups

We keep our groups small to devote our full attention to the individual, customizing our days to meet the needs of the group and ensuring that everyone has the most unforgettable experience possible. In addition to small groups, we only visit places that we know inside and out.  Many of these places are inaccessible to large groups and off the radar of big companies. Our trips are designed to allow you to not only see the sites, but to connect with the environment, the towns, and the people. Travel with us and see what the others are missing!


We are LGBT friendly! Everyone who works with us to create our tours are allies and we are proud to offer trips that are inclusive for everyone.   Life can't be confined to boxes and neither should we.  We are a pleased to offer trips that are inclusive and welcoming for all people. Please ask for more information!

Off the Path

The road less traveled holds untold stories and memories waiting to be made. Allow yourself to be taken in by the beauty of those out of the way forgotten places. While everyone else moves with the herd between worn attractions, you will have the chance to see UNESCO-World Heritage sites, explore caves, savor gastronomic delights, visit lost villages… and you'll have the time to take in their mysteries and revel in the stories you'll tell. Don't worry, you'll get a taste of the city too, but it's sure to be the least impressive part of your trip.